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Geeks On Support, a Peruvian, online computer repair company, was founded by 2 brothers, Juan Perez and Luis Perez, who go by the pseudo names of "Jonathan" and " Rick" when taking calls, and who have had legal problems in the United States, from where they were deported, and or fled to the country of Peru. (Check through any United States / federal background check program).

On the internet, they present themselves as a USA company, located in the USA and operated by Americans, but for anyone who cares to check the FALSE business addresess they have placed along side their online ads, they will see that these addresess, houses and buildings DO NOT EXIST! For you techs that do work for them, take a drive down to where they say their address is located, and all you will find is an empty lot or abandoned house. THEY LIVE AND WORK FROM PERU, ..they are not allowed to enter the United States, they will be arrested if they do.

These 2 brothers, after being deported/fleeing the USA, and then relocating permenantly in Peru, went to work for a computer repair company called Geeks On Site, that has its main call center based in the city of Lima, country of Peru. They were kicked out of Geek Onsite, Luis Perez first, Juan Perez a few weeks later, for, allegedly, "stealing remote subscriptions" from this company. Luis Perez also, months later, would brag about having Geeks Onsite's entire customer list and tech list, which included personal information for individual customer, including customer credit card information. After leaving Geeks On Site, they began looking for work, through an online plaform by the name of Odesk ( ), where indivdual sales and telephone service providers, living in different parts of the world, are hired by companies of all kind, operating and doing business in any given part of the world.

Through Odesk, they were hired by an American company called Geeks Remote. The owner of Geeks Remote, an American, took both of them in, at first not knowing of the 2 brothers legal problems in the United States, and about their having been kicked out of Geeks On Site. As months went by, the owner didnt at first realize, that these 2 individuals had started working for his company only with the mal intent of learning and copying everything they could. Later, much later, the recorded calls and other evidence were discovered, that showed these guys had been straight out stealing incoming sales calls, and routing all sales to a new company that did the same thing as Geeks Remote, FOR MANY MONTHS.

This new company they established is called Geeks On Support.( ) and ( )

Because of the months of stolen sales, and the serious head on competition created by having a company that not only competes with Geeks Remote directly, but for for being created EXACTLY THE SAME, even going as far as going to the very same people that created the Geeks Remote website, to design and create their website, ...another Peruvian company of questionable reputation, by the name of D-signerstudio.

By the the time the owner kicked these 2 weasles out, they had been stealing for months, generating tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales and revenue. The company Geeks Remote, was no longer able to operate properly, since its money troubles began when it had goten rid of the only honest phone agent it had once had, Mr Maza, and gave complete control of the phones to these 2 weasels of brothers that even worked and took calls from the same apartment and same phone number in Lima Peru, together, at the same time, stealing day to day..

They copied everything about Geeks Remote, even incorporating the Geeks On Support in the state of Wyoming, only because Geeks Remote had done the same, ...they copied everything except the name...their company has even gone as far as taking all citys and states, and online advertising spaces (keywords) once owned and dominated by Geeks Remote. Even to this day, if anyone care to look, Geeks On Support is poised to steal all incoming traffice from Geeks Remote.

If you care to look, theyre ad in the Jacksonville Florida Yellow page books is an extremly similar copy of the Geeks Remot ad, when the owner of Geeks Remote started giving out military discounts with the American flag showing, ...the nerve of these guys...deported and having fled from the USA to now use the American Flag and military discounts as an excuse to further confuse and steal from American Techs and American customers.

The owner of Geeks Remote later had many of his existing and old customers call him, asking why their bank statements once read Geeks Remote, and now they were reading Geeks On Support! NOTHING LESS THEN CRIMINAL THEFT MY FRIENDS!

So beware, when you deal with Geeks On Support, your dealing with 2 individuals that are not allowed to enter the USA and have been stealing all they can from good people just like you over the last few years.




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